Inspiring healthy habits, building healthy lives.


Recreation centers are no longer just places for physical activity—they are catalysts for promoting a holistic lifestyle. We explore new ways to nurture the mind-body connection through spaces that foster a sense of belonging.

Whether on a campus or in a community, we reimagine how physical activity takes place, with dynamic spaces to recharge and reconnect.

Recreation as a Destination

Through the integration of natural daylight, indoor-outdoor spaces, and biophilic elements, we create uplifting places that inspire self-improvement. By redefining the recreational environment as a wellness hub, we forge new design strategies that enhance social engagement, encourage moments of leisure, and enable people to invest in themselves.

We collaborate with communities to create inclusive recreational destinations that reflect the people and places they serve. From high-energy gymnasiums and pickleball courts to calming yoga and meditation studios, we design environments where everyone can participate, regardless of ability or background.