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Neighborhood Development Services

The Wilds at Harvest Rose

Project Description

Tucked back in the heavily wooded parcels of Ravenna, Ohio, is a new senior living community. Moody Nolan was brought on to design 45 new independent residential living units, capitalizing on the existing natural features, such as the forest and wetlands surrounding the upcoming neighborhood.

Project Stats


Ravenna, OH

Year of Completion



51,850 sq. ft.

Project Gallery

Design Features

The environment encouraged a design that conserves water and energy usage – allowing the interiors to an abundance of natural light, as well durable maintenance materials and energy efficient, easy-to-use appliances. Furthermore, the site will incorporate the use of native planting materials to support conservation efforts of the environment and wetlands. This strategy will eliminate the need of extensive mowing and maintenance while promoting bio-diversity.

A community building is centralized in the neighborhood which provides residents with a location to gather. Events, such as various health and recreation activities will be available for all residents. The center will also provide educational programs, speaking to the environmental and sustainable efforts each resident can strive for.

Walking paths will be built throughout the neighborhood to encourage activity, such as walking and cycling. The tranquil sounds and scenic views will bring each resident a peaceful day.