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Columbus Metropolitan Library

Parsons Branch Library

Project Description

Moody Nolan was selected to provide full design services for the new Parson Avenue Branch Library.  The 18,640 square foot branch library is located along Parson Avenue, re-establishing the commercial building presence of this major corridor.

Project Stats


Columbus, OH

Year Completed


Square Footage


Project Gallery

Design Features

The creation of spaces for the Parsons library takes into consideration the use of any specific space. Each space has its own need for lighting, colors, comfort and sound levels. Moody Nolan continued with CML’s desire to make the overall feeling of the library to be very open and uplifting. While most of the collection area has been located to provide access to natural daylight, the design also proposes that there be ample and varied seating areas throughout the library. The intent is that it is always easy to find the appropriate seat, whether it is lounge and informal or private and isolated.

Located on the North end of the building, a quiet lounge was strategically placed in order to create an indirect interaction with the street while being buffered by landscape outside the curtain wall. This allows for a relationship of the inside with the outside, thus creating a more pleasant experience for the library’s patrons.