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Julie Cook
Partner, Director of Project Delivery
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Julie’s work sits at the intersection of mentorship and technical excellence, honing the practice of architecture while paving a trail for generations behind her.

As the Director of Project Delivery, Julie champions the ongoing improvement and integration of firmwide design-delivery and quality control processes. From the drawing table to the construction trailer, Julie is sought after for her ability to manage complexity on large-scale and prestigious projects. Her leadership is marked by strong collaboration and her ability to communicate a clear vision to clients and the younger generation she advises. Her collaborative approach translates into award-winning projects spanning collegiate, professional sports and civic institutions, elevating excellence through her attention to detail and process improvement rigor.

She specializes in large-scale projects, and excels at managing complexity from start to finish. From the drawing table to the construction trailer—she is involved in every facet of a project. Her passion is to create structures and processes that will live on after she is gone, leading to the achievement of many notable and award-winning projects.

She holds several degrees from The Ohio State University, including a Master of Architecture she and is a member of the American Institute of Architects.