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Amelia Alhashimi
Senior Associate, Healthcare Knowledge Manager
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Amelia is driven by her unwavering passion for enhancing healthcare experiences. She dedicates herself to empowering our clients through a unique blend of internal expertise and externally sourced research and data. Her mission is clear: to deliver optimal outcomes for each project.

With a sharp focus on emerging trends, the wealth of lessons learned, and the latest in research findings, Amelia’s role is pivotal in shaping healthcare organizations’ designs, elevating operational excellence, and fostering forward-thinking innovations. Her vision extends beyond the present, envisioning healthcare facilities that stand as beacons of excellence, providing the utmost in care and support to the community they serve.

“Healthcare is a passion of mine and being part of a firm that impacts peoples lives thru their continued experiences with their healthcare facilities is fantastic. As part of the Healthcare Practice, I get the pleasure of working on a national level with our firm. Focused on being a liaison and connector for our practice, I am dedicated to ensuring we are growing and learning along the way.”