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Latest Monograph Represents Commitment to Design Excellence

November 06, 2019
Latest Monograph Represents Commitment to Design Excellence image
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Moody Nolan has come a long way since we laid the foundation for this company in 1982 with just two employees. Since then, we’ve grown from a Midwestern architecture firm to a national practice with a footprint of success that speaks to, and reflects the cultures of, our communities. Along the way, we’ve remained true to our creative process and continue to strive for design excellence.

What we build and how we build it continues to grow and evolve, keeping us on our toes and always looking ahead to what’s next. But at the same time, some things remain unchanged — namely, why we do what we do and the principles that guide us in our work, no matter how big or small the project.

We continually challenge ourselves to bridge the divides between architecture and engineering and between what is possible and what is purposeful. In fact, striking this kind of balance is among the most intriguing parts of our work. It is this sense of intrigue that has allowed us to offer successful solutions that perform and inspire.

Now in our 37th year, we’ve grown to more than 230 employees, allowing us to reach more markets than ever before. The release of our latest Monograph showcases that work and reflects the exceptional talent of our team and our successes between 2013 and 2019. It includes both the completed projects and conceptual ideas of a firm committed to excellence in design, a commitment that has won us more than 300 design citations. It also includes, for the first time, QR codes that showcase our virtual reality capabilities and take you to a short video about our firm.

We hope you’ll be interested in owning a copy of this latest volume. To receive a free copy, you can email Alexandra Solomon at [email protected].

Happy reading!