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Marriott International

AC Hotel by Marriott at Bridge Park Development

Project Description

The hotel design is derived from the concept of “Exchange,” relating to its unique location, the hotel’s function as a community hub and its relationship to the immediate neighborhood, the proposed conference center, the historic City of Dublin and the Scioto River. A place of exchange between nature and city, of ideas and cultures. The design also reflects the principles of the AC Hotels by Marriott brand: modern, cosmopolitan, innovative, technological and functional.


Project Stats


Dublin, OH

Year Completed


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Design Features

The “S” curve of the hotel plan results from the intersection (“exchange”) between the natural and urban environments, as well as from the natural contours and flow of the river across the street, which are also expressed in the “soft corners” of the exterior public spaces. The circulation and arrangement of program spaces reinforce this flow and the visual connections to the surrounding site. Indoor and outdoor spaces are sited to take advantage of the great views that are available from this unique site, connecting guests, users and the larger community to the experience of the river, downtown Dublin, and the city beyond.

Sophisticated, elegant, clean, contemporary, urban and stylized are descriptive of the AC Hotels by Marriott brand. These ideas are manifested in the Dublin AC through clear planning strategies that organize programs in a legible and intuitive way, a finish palette of natural materials, architectural focal points at key moments within the space and the integration of building systems.