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  1. Thurgood Marshall Hall

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    Thurgood Marshall Hall provides a mix of semi-suite and apartment-style housing including more than 670 beds for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as a 40,000 sq. ft. dining facility serving the entire student population.

  2. New Residence Hall

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    Amenities and support spaces in this new residence hall will provide an enjoyable on-campus residential experience for students.

  3. Student Library and Learning Center

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    Designed as a beacon to attract and retain students, the new Library and Learning Center at TSU is a collaborative hub of social activity.

  4. New Residence Hall

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    Designed to illuminate each space with an abundance of natural light, this residence hall provides a positive environment for all students.

  5. University Center

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    The new University Center is another critical facility for Central State University’s expanding enrollment. The main design goal is to create a piece of architecture and an identity as a Student Center and a campus icon. The building will allow students and passersby to see into and beyond the building to the historic Tawawa Woods ravine. The building is designed to resonate with energy and pulse with campus life.