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University of Pittsburgh

Recreation and Wellness Center

Project Description

The Recreation and Wellness Center will serve as a catalyst to connect the lower portions of campus with the upper portions on the hilltop, eliminating the perceived divide between the two regions. Replacing the O’Hara Garage and Learning Research and Development (LRDC), the Recreation and Wellness Center integrates recreation, fitness, student life and academic spaces.

Project Gallery

Design Features

The University of Pittsburgh seeks to make the Recreation and Wellness Center a showcase for sustainable design by employing active design, best management practices for stormwater, attacking the campus topography to create better connections for improved pedestrian experiences, leveraging design to promote a healthier lifestyle, and enabling better opportunities for person-powered mobility.

The facility will utilize a series of stacked indoor recreation spaces traversing height of the hillside and will provide an internal vertical circulation system. The design will also integrate wellness and student dining. A parking structure maybe incorporated into the facility, utilizing the existing University Drive to organize garage circulation and ease traffic congestion, particularly during athletic events.

The Recreation and Wellness Center is an opportunity to resolve recreational shortcomings on the campus, embrace topography, create new connections and enhance the areas around and north of O’Hara Street.