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Ensemble Real Estate Investments/ Mosaic Development Partners

Navy Yard

Project Description

The transformation of the Navy Yard into a riverside office park over the last two decades has been miraculous. The shipyard, which at its peak employed 40,000 people, closed in 1996 with an uncertain future for the 1,200 acre site.

Project Stats


Philadelphia, PA




729,356 sq. ft.

Project Gallery

Design Features

PIDC, Ensemble Real Estate Investments, and Mosaic Development Partners released plans earlier this year to do just that and hired the Moody Nolan and DIGSAU as architects for the project.

The group plans on building two structures at 1200 Normandy Place, which is currently occupied by a grass field, a surface parking lot, and a small brick structure. The chapel on the southeast corner of the block is not included in the development site. Building A will include 265 residential units and 8,617 sq. ft. of commercial space. Building B will entail 346 residential units and 17,138 sq. ft. of commercial space.

The two structures will total 704,356 sq. ft. of interior space and will include 611 residential units and 25,000 sq. ft. of commercial space. The taller of the two buildings will rise to 7 stories. The buildings will be clad in white and grey brick, metal siding, and aluminum curtain wall. There will be a courtyard in the center of building B and a driveway will be added between both buildings.