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City of Columbus

Linden Community Center

Project Description

Bridging recreation and neighborhood services is the driving force behind the new legacy landmark for the Linden Neighborhood.

Project Stats


Columbus, OH




55,000 sq. ft.

Project Gallery

Design Features

The new facility is a center for opportunity – an initiative spearheaded by the mayor that is focused on providing wellness and education for underserved communities.

Through the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department’s progressive programming initiatives, Moody Nolan designed the new transformational facility with sensitivity to community needs and with innovative trends in architecture, planning, and landscape design. Thoughtful planning of locating passive and active recreation and wellness sets a framework for maximizing outreach and advocacy for the growing community.

The new facility is a hub for many activities, including a gymnasium, teaching kitchen, and game room among many other amenities. The architecture aesthetically expresses the progressive programming, while being attuned to the neighbor’s input. The 55,000 sq. ft. community center is situated on the active east edge of Linden Park next to basketball courts, futsal, tennis and pickleball, playgrounds, and a spray ground. Buffering the east active end of the park and the west passive end of the park are the open recreation fields. At the west end of the park are nature trails, an event pavilion, and an open lawn. Anchoring the southwest edge of the park is a revamped pond. Community members enjoy the new Linden Park for their recreation and wellness needs.