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Columbus State Community College

Discovery Exchange

Project Description

Columbus State has begun to expand into the neighborhood beyond its traditional campus boundary. As one of the first new buildings in a recently acquired area, and because of its prominent corner location, this building establishes the vocabulary for future development in this newly emerging “urban” part of the campus.

Project Gallery

The Process

The new bookstore is located on a highly visible corner in the expanded campus. Moody Nolan treated this building as part of the urban fabric by placing parking at the rear of the building and siting the building at the sidewalk along both streets. The building entry was placed directly on the corner where it is close to crosswalks allowing easy access from all directions and inviting the public as well as students to use this facility.

Conceived as a mixed-use facility, the bookstore houses a coffee shop, campus wide print shop, collegiate mail services, security office and various other campus offices. Concentrating several functions in the building allowed the building mass to reach a multi-story, urban scale.

The exterior materials were selected to match campus standards, and with a colorful red brick accent. In this vibrant retail environment the materials are simple but the statement is bold.