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Nick Bower
Revit Certified Professional
Associate Principal, Director of Design Technology
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Fascinated by the way things work, Nick leverages his holistic understanding of design technology to push the boundaries of what is possible. As Director of Design Technology, he optimizes the firm’s use of BIM while leading a diverse team of technology experts.

Nick brings more than 18 years of experience to his role, managing day-to-day operations of the BIM Management team while optimizing Revit productivity, template maintenance, content creation, mentoring, training, and support of more than 275 active Revit users. Nick thrives in the fast-past and ever-changing world of design technology and enjoys staying ahead of industry trends. He approaches challenges from both a micro and macro level, right-sizing a solution to best fit the firm. His leadership style balances practicality and empathy, and he uses his position to elevate the voices of those around him.

Nick holds a Bachelor’s of Architecture from The Ohio State University.