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What Intrigues You?

July 05, 2018
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We’ve come a long way since we laid the foundation for this company in 1982 with just two employees – and I find us fortunate but also deliberate in growing our business, as well as our reputation, over the course of four decades. In many respects, a lot has changed with regard to our craft. What we build and how we build it will continue to grow and evolve, keeping us on our toes and always looking ahead at what’s next. But at the same time, some things remain unchanged – namely why we do what we do and the principles that guide us in our work, no matter how big or small the project.

Put another way, if the what and how of our profession are open for change and disruption, then we must lean even harder into our why – our cornerstone. And so it has been our challenge to find ways to bridge the chasm between architecture and engineering, between art and science, and between what is possible and what is purposeful. I have learned over the years that striking this kind of balance is among the most intriguing parts of our work. It is this intrigue, I believe, that has afforded us to offer solutions that perform, inspire and ultimately endure.

I am inviting you into a conversation with us about our work and the role of architecture today. Can it still inspire? How might it function in new and different ways? As we share some thought starters along with what intrigues us, and as we remain curious about what’s ahead, perhaps we can pull from our history and our collective dialogue as we find ways to blaze new paths forward.

I hope you’ll join us on this journey.