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  1. Upper Arlington High School

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    Situated within the residential, metropolitan suburb of Columbus, Ohio, the newly constructed high school serves as an inviting, modern learning environment for over 2,000 students in 9th-12th grade.

  2. Windermere Elementary

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    Situated in the historic Upper Arlington suburb of Columbus, Ohio, the newly constructed Windemere Elementary serves as an inviting learning environment for its nearly 500 students.

  3. Greensview Elementary

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    The design of Greensview Elementary school was composed of a renovation to the existing facilities alongside a new structure that fits neatly into the old.

  4. Tremont Elementary

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    A one-story addition, housing five kindergarten rooms open to a central learning commons, is built on the prominent corner of Tremont and Ridgeview Roads at the end of the original 1952 school building.

  5. Barrington Elementary

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    As the oldest elementary school in this 100-year-old suburban Columbus community, Barrington Elementary School represents a careful blending of old and historic with new and forward-thinking.