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  1. Memorial Union

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    On this project, the architectural challenge was to bring the 82 year-old Wisconsin Memorial Union up to current design standards and student expectations without interfering with the building’s historical character and the sentimental attachments of its users and alumni. Through the years renovations to the building have been piecemeal, and time has taken its toll both in terms of systems and functionality. As so often happens as a building ages, new functions are fitted into any available space without regard to adjacencies or physical needs. These deficiencies all needed to be corrected.

  2. South Campus Union

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    Serving their south campus, the University of Wisconsin had an unloved, fortress-like student union dating to the 1970s. Workshop Architects in association with Moody Nolan designed this replacement facility to meet the student’s expectations of a “timeless and enduring” building. With more than 170,000 sq. ft., the new Union South contains Varsity Hall, a room that seats 1,000, many meeting rooms, student lounge spaces and dining, recreational and entertainment spaces. The upper two levels contain 60 guest rooms, and the basement contains the loading dock and parking facilities. Moody Nolan had primary responsibilities for exterior design and detailing of the building.