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  1. Hen Quarter

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    When the Jordan Restaurant Group acquired Hen Quarter they chose Moody Nolan Inc. to guide their re-branding effort and to develop a comprehensive design scheme for their prototype facility to be located in the Bridge Park development in Dublin, Ohio. The resulting design represented a collaborative effort between our Interior Architecture and Experiential Design Studios. The focus was on creating an essentially open plan where feature elements and nuanced finish articulations serve to separate and define areas and spaces.

    Hen Quarter serves “adult southern comfort food/bourbon” which features a contemporary take on traditional southern dishes, especially chicken & waffles with an extensive offering of bourbons. This design plays off those themes by suggesting a modern take on traditional motifs. It blends industrial nostalgia with an overall rustic contemporary feel to create a style that is recognizably homey yet still has a very contemporary edge to it. Because of the conscious juxtaposition of the rustic and the contemporary, of the soft against the hard, the entire space is infused with a palpable level of dynamic energy.