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The Legacy Project

Motivated by a desire to create more visibility around the nation’s homelessness and affordable housing crisis, Moody Nolan decided to create a unique housing initiative—The Legacy Project. Planned as an annual gift in 12 cities where Moody Nolan has an office, each Legacy House will provide under-resourced neighborhoods with architecturally modern houses, modeling a new approach to affordable housing.

Driven by the belief that one project can inspire positive change, the design strategy for Legacy House aims to set a new standard for affordable housing. Strapped with minimal funding, many affordable housing developments are not designed and constructed with the triple bottom line in mind. Legacy House demonstrates that affordable housing development can embody both form and function, while fostering well-being.

Each Legacy House is 100% donor funded, and the entire community is invited into the design and construction process. Legacy House exhibits a guiding principle of Moody Nolan—that architecture has the power to uplift and empower an entire community.

Conceptual composite of Legacy House Columbus


The design intention of each home focuses on accessibility, equity, and sustainability. To ensure long-term economic viability, the footprint of each home is around 750 square-feet, allowing the team to maximize the quality and lifecycle of construction with commercial materials. The houses embody modern architecture in a small footprint, designed to reduce energy consumption and provide secure housing.

The welcoming single-family home is sensitively designed to its neighborhood scale and context. The materiality utilizes natural textiles and neutral tones to evoke comfort and connection to nature. The two-story living area maximizes daylight and creates a sense of openness within a small footprint.

The footprint of the home is configured to fit three bedrooms, a difficult achievement for a compact home. The bedroom count and overall design appeals to a mass market— from single professionals to young families and retirees alike. The double-height ceiling and glass front in the living space gives the room an open and transparent feel in a small floor plate. The design is architecturally modern yet restrained, demonstrating that good design can be economical without extravagance.


Unique from its inception, The Legacy Project is 100% donor funded. Beyond providing secure housing to a family in need, The Legacy Project aims to bring together communities around a common cause. Moody Nolan will make a substantial financial contribution, with the hope that our trusted partners and friends will make each Legacy House possible.

To continue our long-standing investment in the City of Nashville, Legacy House Nashville is in the Napier and Sudekum community.

Our Nashville partners currently include:

  • The Housing Fund, a Nashville-based organization providing resources and creative leadership to help individuals and communities create and maintain affordable and healthy places in which low- and moderate-income people live, will provide land for the new freestanding home and will assist in choosing the family to live in the house.
  • RK Junior Contracting Services, one of Nashville’s premiere luxury home builders, will provide project management services during construction.





All donations, products, and services are welcome.


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Completed in 2019
Coming in 2023