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  1. The Peninsula Phase II Mixed-Use Development

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    Moody Nolan is working with the developers, Daimler Group and Flaherty & Collins, on the next phase of the development at the Scioto Peninsula along Broad Street in Columbus.

  2. Parcel 25

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    The approximately 585,000 sq. ft. newly constructed development will create an iconic visual accent at the southern end of the existing Greenway and a signature visual “moment” appropriate to the view of commuters and visitors arriving in Boston.

  3. Legacy House Columbus

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    In 2017, an Ohio Human Services report identified more than 10,000 residents in Franklin County received homeless services that year, nearly 3,000 of whom were children. The Ohio Housing Finance Agency reports that for every 100 low-income renter households in Ohio, there are only 42 affordable rental units available. To respond to the housing crisis within its own neighborhood, Moody Nolan partnered with the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority, Southeast Healthcare and 50 other local organizations to deliver a new prototype for affordable housing.

    Located in Linden, a neighborhood historically marked by poverty and crime, Legacy House Columbus stands in contrast as an investment in the long-term vitality of the community. The site, donated by the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority, was selected for its accessibility and walkability to grocery stores and public to transit.

    The design process prioritized community engagement and inclusivity of residents, fostering a sense of unity and shared ownership in the project. To fund the project, the design team created partnerships with more than 50 organizations who donated time or materials to the project, making it a true community-wide effort.


    Located on a tight site, the 750 square foot home is organized to maximize space and energy efficiency, with materials selected for maximum life cycle use. The house utilizes climate-treated materials designed to withstand inclement weather, requiring little-to-no maintenance. In a neighborhood where most residents do not have the financial means to keep up with home repairs, this design strategy was crucial to ensure the longevity of the home. Utilizing materials that will not quickly deteriorate or need repair will preserve the integrity of the home and neighborhood for decades.

  4. New Residence Hall

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    The goal of the design is to encourage interaction among students to enhance the sense of community felt by students, increasing enrollment and retention.

  5. New Residence Hall

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    Amenities and support spaces in this new residence hall will provide an enjoyable on-campus residential experience for students.