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  1. Harvard Enterprise Research Campus (ERC)

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    The new Research Campus will transform a historically underutilized site into a vibrant, inclusive mixed-use community.

  2. Interdisciplinary Research Facility

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    Moody Nolan is the Architect-of-Record working with Design Architect, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects. The new Interdisciplinary Research Facility (IRF) will support the University’s biomedical, environmental sciences, veterinary medicine, life sciences and engineering programs.

  3. Library and Student Success Center

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    This dynamic icon located at the heart of an urban campus is a crossroads combining next-generation library with one-stop student services, organization lounges, food services, and performance theatre. The opportunities for student interaction and engagement in various flexible configurations are the constant theme. The facility provides support for contemporary collaborative learning in both academic and campus life settings.

  4. The Black House

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    In 1968, NU students occupied the Bursar’s office to protest the campus experience for black students. Many of their demands were met by the administration—including a place to call their own. Thus, the house at 1914 Sheridan Road was officially designated by the University as the location for the Department of Afro-American Student Affairs, and also became a gathering place for black students. Effectively, it was more than just a house; it was a symbol of solidarity and “the fight for equity and justice on campus.”

  5. Student Library and Learning Center

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    Designed as a beacon to attract and retain students, the new Library and Learning Center at TSU is a collaborative hub of social activity.