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  1. Seaport Circle

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    Seaport Circle is a new type of project– a hybrid building/landscape that fosters opportunities for social impact, enriches the environment, and creates economic opportunities for all. We believe our impact as designers, developers, builders, and investors should be measured not only by what we build, but also by how much we positively influence people’s lives, the environment, and the economy during the full lifespan of the project.

  2. Corporate Headquarters

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    The impetus behind the concept for the building was the owner’s love of adventure, aviation and the spirit of collaboration. The end result is a sleek, sculptured celebration of 21st Century materiality. The building’s angled and sloped envelope changes as one travels around the building. The play of sunlight on the building’s aluminum skin is reflected both inward and outward to allow an artful expression of the building’s textured surface.

  3. Connor Hangar

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    The design of the building is in harmony with the adjacent Connor Group headquarters (also designed by Moody Nolan).

  4. Corporate Headquarters

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    The renovation to Wendy’s International Store #1, the original Wendy’s Fast Food Restaurant, into The Catholic Foundation’s new corporate headquarters. David B. Meleca kept the footprint of the original structure for historical significance and renovated the façade in brick and limestone to relate to St. Joseph’s Cathedral, located across the street. The first floor contains a lobby and 4,000 sq. ft. of space that can be rented to a retail or office tenant. The second floor houses staff offices, a library, conference room, and work room, a warming kitchen, and restrooms.

    David B. Meleca completed this project prior to joining Moody Nolan as the Director of Classical Design.

  5. New Office Building

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    To accommodate the estimated growth of 200 employees and the desire to decrease office space, the new office will be downsized by 14,000 sq. ft. in order to consolidate workspace while creating a more collaborative work environment.