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Cleveland Clinic

Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center

Project Description

When the Cleveland Clinic decided to build a new facility to serve east Cleveland, they selected Moody Nolan as architect. The resulting three-story health center is located in an urban environment on a sloping site. It is viewed as an urban renewal project by the city, to upgrade the prominent Euclid Avenue corridor. Extensive patient and community involvement in the programming and planning of the building helped ensure the facility would meet the special needs of east Cleveland residents.

Project Stats


Cleveland, Ohio

Square Footage


LEED Certification


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The Process

The Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center is designed to partially replace the services provided by the nearby closed Huron Hospital, and emphasizes chronic disease management including diabetes, hypertension and kidney failure. Specialty care offered at the center includes cardiology, nephrology, ophthalmology and podiatry. Other services include a  21-bed dialysis unit, community education rooms and a kitchen designed to instruct patients on healthy eating habits.

It was important that the new 60,000 sq. ft. facility integrate the style and image of the Cleveland Clinic “brand,” tying it back to the main hospital campus.