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Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Myelosuppression/Protective Cancer Unit

Project Description

The Vanderbilt University Medical Center Critical Care Tower (CCT) is a 318,000 sq. ft., 10-story structure that was completed in 2009. The 2nd, 5th, 7th and 10th floors were shelled at that time for future growth. This project entails the build-out 10th floor to create a 34-bed Myelosuppression Unit/Protective Cancer Environment as well as the vertical expansion of elevators on top of the adjacent Vanderbilt Clinic. Finishes were selected specifically for use in the protective environment and coordinate with the existing palette of finishes in the CCT. Most of the Myelosuppression Units will be under positive pressure and HEPA filtered due to the compromised state of the patients allowing them to access areas beyond their rooms.

Project Stats


Nashville, Tenn.

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