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Legacy House

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Moody Nolan began an initiative designed to provide deserving families with modern, appealing homes in under-served neighborhoods where little investment is being made in single-family residences. The Legacy Project provides mortgage-free homes to families who are unable to afford a purchase, but who have the means to maintain them. The idea was conceived as a vehicle through which the Moody Nolan family could give back to the community in a direct and tangible way. Support for the project expanded rapidly and the home was built by construction partners who utilized an outpouring of community donations through contributed materials and time.

The home consists of approximately 750 sq. ft. with three bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a family room. Additionally, an extended outdoor living area and garden maximizes the entire building site and encourage outdoor activity. Planned as an annual gift, Moody Nolan will design and oversee the construction of a home in each of the 12 communities in which it operates. Eventually, Moody Nolan hopes other architectural firms will take up the torch and spread the idea even further.