Moody Nolan reclaims spot as Columbus CEO’s “Best Architectural Firm”

The Columbus CEO “Best of Business” rankings are out, and Moody Nolan is pleased once again to be named the top Architectural Firm in Columbus. As a company based and founded in Columbus, we strive to make contributions worthy of the community we live in. And it’s always humbling to receive affirmation for those contributions by other members of the community.

However, this award extends beyond Columbus, because whatever strengths we have as a firm depend directly on the collective strengths of our employees. All Moody Nolan employees pride themselves on doing outstanding work, and they don’t do it for the recognition. They approach every project with the client’s needs and the concerns of the community as their first priorities.

Over the years, we’ve remained true to a basic commitment – to provide exemplary services, design signature projects, and recruit the most capable and talented design professionals. Because of this, Moody Nolan has expanded our geographic footprint beyond our Ohio roots. Today, we work coast to coast and maintain eight regional offices. So this Columbus CEO award really means so much, to all of us.

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