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  1. RELi : Resilience Action List + Credit Catalog

      News, Sustainable Design, Trends

    RELi is a new standard released last fall and is short for Resilience Action List + Credit Catalog. RELi combines a comprehensive list of resilient design criteria with the latest in proven integrative process for developing next generation communities, neighborhoods, buildings, homes and infrastructure.

  2. PaaS : PRODUCT as a SERVICE

      Sustainable Design, Thought Leadership, Trends

    GLOSSARY:  PaaS: PRODUCT as a SERVICE        What if instead of buying a light bulb you paid a company to provide you with light? That’s the idea behind product as a service (PaaS)—a business model that could extend to any type of building product and seeks to bring about a circular economy. This…

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  3. Benefits of Being Green – High Performance Sports and Recreation Facility Design

      Events, News, Thought Leadership, Trends

    Environmental considerations have become a significant priority in today’s design decision making. Informed choices and an integrated design team approach can lead to healthier environments for all. At Moody Nolan, we have found this to be especially important for energy-efficient and high-performance recreation/athletic facilities. It only makes sense that a building meant to house recreation…

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  4. Parameters: The New Design Tools

      Technology, Thought Leadership, Trends

    Jonathan Moody Presents at NOMA Conference The National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) is a group of creative professionals with a mission to champion diversity within the design profession by promoting the excellence, community engagement and professional development of its members. Each year members from across the country come together at NOMA’s annual conference. This…

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  5. Evolution of the Virtual Environment

      Technology, Thought Leadership, Trends

    A look at how virtual reality is changing the design process. One of our goals as a design firm is to give our clients an immersive experience of their space before it’s constructed. In doing so, we are able to actively engage a building’s owners and users in our design process. Often times, for both…

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  6. The Future of Columbus?

      Publication, Trends, Uncategorized

    As the suburban peripheries of our cities continue to grow during difficult economic times, our urban cores also continue to slowly die out. Our cities lack clear identity, a sense of place and our current growth patterns are not sustainable. We are desperate to find ways to bring people back into our urban cores. In…

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