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  1. The Things That Guide Us

      Culture, Thought Leadership

    As part of a recent strategic planning retreat, our team was tasked with revisiting our guiding principles. To be clear, we’ve had guiding principles in place for 36 years, and we weren’t looking to replace them, make them part of a marketing campaign or plaster them on a wall. The point was to ask – do they still ring true, are they still guiding us appropriately, are we adhering to what we say, and does it matter to us?

  2. Columbus CEO: How to Close the Gender Gap Within Professional Firms

      Culture, News

    By Yanitza Brongers Marrero

    In the year 2015, inequities in pay and career advancement still exist between the sexes. This is true in almost every profession, and it’s true within my own: architecture.

    There are a number of theories about why these gaps exist, and while some of them tend to explain early career inequities—for example, lost time at work during a woman’s child-rearing years—they do not explain why many women never catch up to their male counterparts.

  3. Brian Sell of Moody Nolan Designs Mandela Memorial

      Awards, Culture, News, Publication

    The goal was to create a memorial that told the story of Nelson Mandela’s life, including his 27 years in a South African prison, and the courage and forgiveness that changed a nation and influenced the world. “We talked about recreating his prison cell, but didn’t want to be too literal about it,” said Brian Sell, a senior designer with Columbus-based Moody Nolan, the country’s largest African American-owned architectural firm. Instead, Sell found his inspiration from Rolihlahla, the Xhosa tribal name given to Mandela at birth by his father.

  4. Making a difference through design

      Culture, Thought Leadership

    As we celebrate Black History Month, President and CEO, Curtis J. Moody, FAIA, reflects on Moody Nolan’s growth from a small firm into the nation’s largest African-American owned architectural firm and the work we’ve done to positively impact the communities in which we work and live.

  5. Moody Nolan Design: 30 years of design and innovation

      Culture, News

    Moody Nolan celebrated its’ 30th anniversary with the release of our monograph: Moody Nolan Design To commemorate our 30 years of design achievements, we have created our third monograph, “Moody Nolan Design.” This monograph reflects on our history of projects, the relationships we have forged and the progression of work from a small support firm…

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